The seeker

exclusive preview & preorder

Designed & Hand built in Great Britain

a big thank you!

Without you and your support we would not be where we are today, preparing to launch our 2nd watch range. The Seeker will be unveiled to the general public in October and the first 100 pre-orders will be available for December delivery.

Before then we wanted to give you a secret showing and an exclusive pre-order price offer.


the seeker's DESIGN

Created to be the ultimate everyday watch, the Seeker is designed to delight from morning to night. At 37mm in size, and 10mm thick, it catches attention whilst being elegant and sleek.

From the captivating Fume Teal to the vintage Salmon pink the Seeker offers a range of unique and expressive colours.

The Seeker's dramatically curved casework and organic sweeping hands create a watch that is striking and distinguished.

hand built in great britain

Since day one it has been our ambition to move our assembly to the UK. We are delighted that our Seeker will be our first range that is fully hand assembled in the UK by our expert assembly partner Horologium.


The Seeker has a dramatic 3 part case design with curves that flow from lug to lug. We took inspiration for the curved central case from the elegant shapes of the bridges in Cambridge.


The Seeker features Swiss SuperlumiNova BGW9, giving it an attractive light blue nighttime glow.