MECHANICAL WATCHES, refined british design

In our mechanical watches, you’ll discover the traditional mechanical timekeeping techniques, combined with vibrant colours and refined British design.

the senate, automatic watch

The Senate is a clean and contemporary automatic watch. It bridges the gap between a dress watch, and an elegant everyday watch. We believe less is more, keeping the Senate's design simple and focused on essential timekeeping aspects, clean lines and a bold use of colour.

SENATE automatic

Vibrant, majestic & spirited.

SENATE automatic

Bold, refreshing and inviting.

SENATE automatic

Rich & Moody.

SENATE automatic

Smart, classic & sophisticated.

Affordable mechanical watches

Beaucroft strives to make owning a beautiful mechanical wristwatch possible for more people. We do this by designing watches that are both affordably priced and accessible to more customers, through their gender neutral design. By keeping our business lean, efficient and focused on direct to customer sales we are able to offer attractive, affordable mechanical watches made of high quality materials and components.

modern design flair

We use striking colours and finishes to make our automatic watches fresh and inviting, and we perfect the little design details to ensure harmony and beauty in composition.

The beauty of automatic watches

Once you have a high quality automatic watch, it’s hard to go back to battery. We love the traditional craftmanship that goes into the development of a fine mechanical watch, and our goal is to introduce this passion to more people.

Our watches are powered by premium automatic movements that are super slim and designed with high precision components. All our watches feature a sapphire crystal glass display back so you can flip over the watch and admire the details of it’s beautiful mechanical movement at any opportunity.

The wrist of a man wearing the stone Grey Beaucroft Senate watch on a punt in Cambridge

Fit for life’s adventures

Every detail of a Beaucroft watch has been meticulously designed to delight its owner. From our design studio in Cambridge we consider, challenge and refine every element of our watches so they are pleasing on the eye, comfortable on the wrist and fit for life’s adventures.