Our Story

Beaucroft was created from friendship, a passion for great design, a love of Cambridge and the power of a beautiful watch. 

Beaucroft was born from our great friendship and our shared fascination with the few beautiful items we treasure in life - the ones that tell our stories, spark memories and accompany us on our life adventures - for us, these have always been mechanical watches. 

When we started the company we had one goal - to enable more people to discover the delights of mechanical watchmaking; to achieve this we keep our designs classic with a touch of modern flare, we break away from gender labels and we focus on the aspirations of today’s modern individuals.

We look forward to finding the perfect timepiece to tell your story.

Matt & Karim - Founders

Early sketches and designs of the Beaucroft Senate mechanical watches

Proudly independent

Being an independent watch brand allows us the freedom to shape our watches to delight our customers and pursue our principles of good and responsible design, it keeps us dynamic in our creative process and close to the customers who’s stories bring our watches to life.

Beaucroft watches are a trade member of the British watch and clock makersBeaucroft watches are a trade member of the British watch and clock makers

Delightful British design

Being British our designs are influenced by an appreciation for heritage without being defined by it, drawing inspiration from a rich tradition of craftsmanship whilst remaining curious, innovative and in touch with the desires of our customers.

Beaucroft is an active member of the British Watch & Clock Makers, promoting the resurgence of British watch design.

Man wearing a Beaucroft Cambridge Blue watch outside Kings College CambridgeMan wearing a Beaucroft Cambridge Blue watch outside Kings College Cambridge

Cambridge good vibes

We love our home city of Cambridge and it inspires much of what we do; Cambridge is a city rich in history, engineering and science, combined with a forward thinking attitude for positive change; a perfect blend of the old and new. 

watch partner to the university of Cambridge

Beaucroft Watches are proud to have our Senate range as an officially licensed watch to The University of Cambridge. The University of Cambridge is an iconic global symbol of excellence, new ideas and great achievements. Through this partnership we deliver watches and create bespoke products to celebrate the stories and mark the great achievements of people during their time at Cambridge.