Watch care & warranty

Caring for your Senate

The Senate is designed to be worn and enjoyed every day, and to withstand the many elements of daily life.

To keep your Senate looking sharp, we recommend using a clean microfibre cloth to gently polish away any dirt or debris. You should not use any abrasive or chemical cleaning products.

To keep the leather strap in great shape, avoid wearing in wet environments. A spot of rain will not cause any problems, but we recommend taking off before a shower or a dip in the pool.

Manually winding/charging the watch

Fully winding your watch manually helps to stabilise the accuracy; You can do this by turning the crown clockwise by hand - with the crown pushed in, it takes about 30 full clockwise turns of the crown to fully charge the watch. As you do this you should be able to feel the cogs turning and the watch hands will not move.

Movement care & service

At the heart of your Senate lies one of Japan’s finest mechanical movements; the Miyota Cal. 9039. The movement uses fine oils to lubricate the moving parts. We recommend having your Senate professionally cleaned and re-oiled, every 3-5 years, just to keep everything running smoothly. Our team can assist you in arranging your watch service when the time arises - please get in touch with us at


Beaucroft ensures that your timepiece will be free from production defects for a limited period of 12-months. The warranty does not cover damages that may occur from normal wear and tear and everyday use. Nevertheless, if any issue should arise, please get in touch with us at