A unique watch made for you

inspired by you

designed with you

created for you

Want to create a one off watch just for you?

Experience watch customisation with Beaucroft Bespoke - a new and exciting watch personalisation experience like no other. You will explore themes, colours, and materials, along with the finer details as you bring your watch to life. Our expert designers will use your unique inputs, personality and material preferences to design your one of a kind watch, hand assembled in Great Britain, 

Whether you are a seasoned watch enthusiast, are looking for the ultimate gift or for an exciting creative outlet, this is the perfect fit.

what will you create?

get in touch about your bespoke

If you are interested in a Bespoke piece unique for yourself or a lucky giftee, we'd love to hear from you! Prices start from £799.

bespoke stories, so far...


For his watch, we selected his song Running With the Night as the inspiration. Listening to this on repeat, we shaped the mood and the tone for the dial. Drawing on his love for sunset, we created a gradient colour dial, representing a rich red sunset fading to the black of night, piano gloss black hands and a splash of burnt orange.  To finish the dial we added his signature initials from his debut album.


Denise wanted her watch to reflect her perfect summer destinations: Ibiza & Sicily. From this, the 'Aqua Lemon' was born; a bold and funky light aqua dial with baby blue printed waves flowing through the centre, and a splash of bright Sicilian lemon for the second hand and hour dot details.


For Chris, summer means bright blue skies, sunshine and adventure, leading to the feel good vibes and colour palette of his watch. Being a creator of a music festival and DJ, Chris loves the patterns of light refracting off a disco ball above a crowd, inspiring the pattern emanating from the centre of the dial.


For a music festival founder, summer means hard work and energy, but when the light goes down and the DJ starts their set Will can relax and enjoy all that he's achieved. Will wanted a watch to capture this moment. The dial makes us think of the warm lights of a DJ stage glowing at night, created through a burst of vibrant maroon out of the darkness,



We use only fine materials and premium mechanical movements to ensure your Bespoke watch is of the highest quality;

  • 37mm or 40mm design
  • 24 month warranty
  • Regulated Miyota 9039
  • High grade 316L steel
  • Sapphire crystal glass
  • Hand painted dials in Cambridge
  • Hand assembled in the UK




You create your watch story and specification

you will specify the details for your watch

Spend time exploring your preferences on colours, finishes, mood, materials and symbology. You will be guided by a step by step process throughout the experience, accompanied by stimulus material, to help you really get to know your style and personality to create your story. 

You’ll create the story of your watch

Every great watch has a story behind it, and so we begin with yours. This story will form the foundation for your watch design.

stage 2


We design your watch to capture your story and specification

Your watch is designed in Cambridge by our Chief Designer

Our Design Director Matt will arrange a 1:1 design consultation call with you to understand your inspiration, preferences and story for your watch.

Matt will draw inspiration and direction from your selections and specifications to design your personalised watch. With over 15 years of experience designing world class products, Matt knows the right elements to blend from your design inputs to create your unique watch.

visualisation of your Bespoke design

You will receive a digital visualisation from Matt of your unique design. Here you'll have the opportunity to discuss the design with Matt and propose minor tweaks if required, before approval ready for production.



Your Bespoke watch is hand assembled in the UK

Hand Assembly in Great Britain

Your personalised design has been signed off, what happens next? Your bespoke watch dial will be airbrushed by hand by our expert painters in Cambridge, before your signature details are printed onto the dial. 

Your Bespoke watch is hand assembled with your chosen components by our expert assembly partner Horologium in the UK.

Ready for you to enjoy!