My journey to co-founding Beaucroft has three clear touch points in my memory.

The first one dating back to 1979 (I know you’re think surely he’s too young!!) And you’re right, I was a baby, a baby to my Persian Father and my Northern Irish Mother. We were living in Iran, my father hails from a very prominent Persian family and when the Iranian Revolution began the whole family were forced into exile. Overnight they had to pack a suitcase and flee, leaving behind almost all of their possessions. One of the possessions my father choose to pack was a watch - this was important to him and something he wanted to pass down to me once I was old enough…which he later did. That poignant act is such an important memory for me and reminds me of legacy and the importance of sentimental items that can be passed down to our children. 

Secondly, after studying in Cambridge I was fortunate to work in the Middle East, in Kuwait. Working in a predominately male, Arabic office, I was always fascinated with the excitement that was generated when someone would bring in a new watch purchase, usually leaving it in the box to go through a full unveiling experience in front of his co-workers! In the Arab / Muslim culture, men wearing gold or jewellery is frowned upon - the only real way of expressing their individual personalities through accessories was a wristwatch, which is why so much pleasure was garnered through the unboxing process and the sense of sharing that with friends! 

 A valuable lesson on how important the experience of buying a watch is, it’s sometimes just as important as the product itself!

Lastly, and most importantly, was the birth of my Son in 2017. I had co-founded a FinTech Startup based in London, the company with travel was monopolising my time away from home, which took away the enjoyment. So, I resigned with the knowledge I not only wanted to start a company that I was totally passionate about and would provide a better family / work balance, but also a company I would be proud to share with my children (I now also have a beautiful baby girl) as they grew up. A small legacy for them to enjoy!   A wristwatch company was the only choice. And so, with my good friend Matt, we turned an idea and a passion into a reality.

Beaucroft is a company I could not be prouder to be a part of. With a fantastic team, I am excited about what we have already achieved, but more so, for what is still yet to come!

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