To me, a watch symbolises your personality. It is a statement of who you are and what you stand for. When asked years ago about a gift I would like to receive, my first thought was a watch. I had just graduated from university, a watch was the perfect gift for graduation. It only felt right a treasured timepiece would be the perfect gift for such an occasion.  

One of my strengths and some would also say flaws, is that I know what I like. This came as no surprise when family members asked which watch I desired. Of course, I was determined to find one that symbolised where I was in life and where I wanted to go. I envisaged the purpose of the watch. I wanted it to be a symbol of my constant focus to become confident and successful in the world I lived in.

Nevertheless, it was a tough search. My style has never been overly feminine and I didn’t want this gift to be any different. I wanted to find the perfect unisex watch, I found women’s watches overly delicate, over-complicated and almost unreadable. The design almost always outweighed the purpose which I felt didn’t ring true to what I was searching for. 

I finally settled upon a simple silver watch. I was proud it rang true to my core beliefs: its style was not overly complicated and the design stood the test of time. A decade later I still admire the memories associated with my first watch as it introduced me to the world of watches and the concept of a treasured timepiece.

As the years have gone by I have gravitated toward purchasing new watches at key life events. Whether for a new job, an important birthday or a milestone moment, watches have always made great gifts or purchases for key points within my life. 

My choice of style has remained the same throughout the years but my appreciation for quality and craftsmanship has grown. No longer was I just looking at the design but also at the brand values and story behind the timepiece. Don’t get me wrong I was no expert on watches. However, I slowly discovered different elements that changed my perception of watch purchasing. One of the main shifts was discovering unisex brands.

I have always admired unisex watch brands, for watches to be equally designed for both men and women was refreshing. Why should there be a point of difference between a fashion accessory just because of gender?

I was lucky enough to meet Matt and Karim from Beaucroft through a work connection. Local to Cambridge, Beaucroft watches was a new and up and coming watch brand, a great new addition to the Cambridge independent business scene. One of my first admirations for their brand was their dedication to designing unisex watches. Their story and concept rang true throughout their designs, their designs were timeless yet modern. Beaucroft watches are classically made with their mechanical timepiece showcased beautifully within the back of the dial, yet vibrant and crisp in design that stay relevant as fashion trends come and go.

Since joining the Beaucroft team I have learnt the significance of great craftsmanship, the beauty of mechanical movements and the delights of enabling customers to discover the joy of owning a treasured timepiece. I am slowly learning more about watches and what signifies quality over simple eye-catching design.

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